Donna Talerico

Like magic, at a 1998 workshop in Sorèze, France, my life as an artist turned to color. I’d spent 20 years working in black-and-white as a fashion illustrator in Cincinnati, Ohio spending my free time in jazz clubs, and falling in love with French language and culture whenever I could afford airfare. On that fateful 1998 trip, the caps came off the tubes and I’ve been painting full-time ever since.

My most satisfying work is unrestrained, with bold color and gestural brushstrokes. I paint intuitively, almost impulsively, celebrating the shapes and patterns of color and light I “see” within any subject matter. Exploring this borderland between representation and abstraction is a continuous challenge and source of fascination.

Visit Donna at “Over-the-Rhône”, studio 610 in the Pendleton Art Center. By appointment ( phone 513-706-7917 ) or during Final Friday when the studios are open to the public 5-9 pm every last friday of each month.
E-mail: [email protected]

Scan through the website for the France inspired art where Impressionism meets the Contemporary. Talerico’s original art portrays Paris streetscenes, café paintings, jazz art, abstract, and figurative works.

Donna Talerico

Le Cafe Jaune & Gris II 18″ x 36″    Sold